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Health is a Lifestyle, not a medicine.

Inspired by Kemetic Diet, Ancient African wisdom for health of mind, body, and spirit.

Health is a lifestyle, not a medicine. It is a spiritual lifestyle that leads to health of Body, Mind and Soul and ultimately to discovery of the Higher Self.

Heath is a choice, and regardless of if you choose consciously or unconsciously, you are the one still choosing. Admittedly, most people have engaged in bad habits at the mental physical levels for so long that not only do they lack the willpower to make the right choices but also, and even more detrimental, most of their choices are being made at the unconscious level of their mind.

You are illnesses based primarily on lifestyle choices, and having some genetic or hereditary basis just means that you have to be disciplined and make the correct choices to prevent it and/ or reverse it and heal yourself.

The Universe is demanding that you be more disciplined, that is, more righteous, in your lifestyle.

You can be healed. You’re not destined to be afflicted by some cruel act of nature, not even if you have a genetic predisposition. Most organs of the body have an incredible capacity to regenerate themselves if given the proper conditions and environment.

All the information you need to know to be healthy in body, mind and spirit already exists, and has for thousands of years. Thus, the question arises, if this is true:

Why is the world becoming more and more disease ridden?

It is because this information is generally ignored by mainstream health organizations, the medical and scientific communities, the news media, and consequently, the public.

The mind-body connection and the effects of stress on the individual, as well as the root cause of all dis-ease and stress, is the basis of mystical philosophy, and is documented in the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries System from as far back as 10,000 BCE or earlier.

This knowledge has been available through all the ages, to those who have sought the path of true health, of body, mind and spirit.

So, physical health is not a simple matter as eating some well-balanced diet, and all will be well. One must also pay attention to what thoughts, and consequent emotions, are dwelling in one’s mind moment by moment.

Thus, whatever happens in the mind, also essentially happens in the body, though the effects will register differently. Whenever the mind experiences stress, the body will be bombarded by stress hormones and muscular tension, which will result in bodily distress, and over a period of time lead to those physical conditions which have been given the label “diseases” by the orthodox medical establishment.

So, essentially, your state of health is a reflection of how you have handled your emotions, or how they have handled you during the past years in this lifetime, and also in previous lifetimes!

If you are not pleased with your current health situation, you need to engage in techniques that will facilitate you to change your thoughts (emotions) and consequent behaviors (actions), so you can have the possibility of future health.

You may by now realize that there are 3 aspects of health and therefore three causes of disease.

The human being is composed of a composite consisting of the Body, Mind and Soul. Therefore, each aspect must be treated in order to promote healing and health. So, there are physical factors, mental factors, and spiritual factors to consider. If any of these are in disharmony, disease arises.

Thus, health cannot be gained only by a special pill or uttering words of power or prayers or experiencing miracles without taking care of every aspect of your personality, that is, doing your part and letting the Devine do its part to promote your health and well-being and prosperity.

Perhaps the capacity itself of making lifestyle changes that lead to health instead of death, the main pathway to health, should be considered as the real miracle, since most people find it so hard to change their ways from how the culture has conditioned them.

The will to change arises when the mental and spiritual capacities are expanded. Therefore, the mind and soul need to be taken into consideration when promoting real healing and not just from the symptoms of illness.

  • For the Body, one should adopt a healthy lifestyle (detailed in this book). Infections occur when the immune system is compromised due to poor eating habits, malnutrition, stress and spiritual frustration. When the body is out of balance such as when too much sugar is consumed, these microorganisms multiply in greater numbers and overwhelm the systems of the body causing disease. This condition arises due to imbalance. The same occurs with the mind. It becomes overwhelmed with the “bacteria” of negative thoughts, desires and longings that leads to mental imbalance — anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, etc.

  • For the Mind, there must be relief of stress. Relaxation comes when the mind discovers peace through wisdom. Therefore, study the teachings that will clean the mind. It is imperative that one controls one’s emotions. One must be able to prevent the mind from becoming angry, frustrated, worried, anxious, sad, depressed, fearful, etc.

  • For the Soul, there needs to be self-knowledge and self-discovery, when transcends words, thoughts and concepts. This comes from meditation.

The ancient sages understood that mind was all, and that the physical body to be an expression of the mind, in accordance current holistic thought. They understood the nature of the mind to be fluid, and mental energy to flow through the brain and nervous system to enliven the physical body, much in the same way electricity flows through the wires of an electrical cord to run an appliance.

The importance of the mind was so important in Kemet that the initiates (spiritual aspirants) had as their first two precepts of initiatic conduct: Control your thoughts and control your actions. So, what techniques did these initiates use to control their minds (thoughts and emotions), so as to be able to control their actions (behaviors), even when they were being tempted or provoked, as they were also expected to master the following precepts: “Distinguish right from wrong,” “Distinguish truth from untruth,” “Be free from resentment when wronged,” and “Be free from resentment when persecuted”? They used a system of disciplines, which collectively are referred to as Sema (Smai) Tawi, which today would be translated and understood as union of the Higher Self and lower self.

Union with Higher Self, Enlightenment, and physical health would be a natural by-product of this sublime endeavor.

The Sages did not allow for the separation of physical and mental health and spirituality. Therefore, when one does not know and understand the true purpose of life, and therefore lives life in an erroneous manner, mental or/and physical disbalances, commonly referred to as “diseases,” will surely follow. It is a signal that something is not right, that something has strayed from how it is supposed to be.

Unfortunately, most people, rather than adopting this understanding and seeking to find out why the illness is happening, feel secure in taking a pill or some treatment and continue their erroneous way of life, until the body can no longer take the assault and gives out.

The ancient Enlightened Kemetic teachers could not and did not separate physical health from spiritual health. In other words, there was only one staircase to the doorway of health.

The actual doorway is attaining Sagehood or Enlightenment, and each step leading to that doorway is more steeped in peace, joy, love, compassion, understanding, patience, and health than the previous one.

Everyone is somewhere on that stairway, trying to find abiding love, peace, joy and health:

  • Those who don’t care very much about their physical or spiritual health are on the lower steps.

  • Those who care only about their body, but not about spirituality, are a little higher up.

  • Those who care about their spiritual health, but in a limited sense which does not include proper care of the body, are a little higher up.

  • Those who care about attaining Enlightenment are highest up on the staircase, as they take care of their physical and mental nature (diet, exercise, control thoughts and emotions) as part of their spiritual discipline.

However long it takes you to get from one step to the next is up to you. By your lifestyle choices, you are choosing whether you go up to the next step, remain where you are, or go down.

Thus, you must reflect and determine where you are on the ladder, so as to understand what is/are the next step(s) you must take to improve your health.

If you have not given much emphasis to meeting the proper needs of your physical no and this book will guide you "Kemetic Diet, Ancient African wisdom for health of mind, body and spirit, written by Dr. Muata Ashby"

This book is therapy. The most thorough book on food, health and spirituality I have ever read.

Enjoy your reading.

Amandine S'iita

Inspirational Writer

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