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I am pleased to offer as much guidance and inspiration as possible. The sessions are 100% online, so wherever you are, let's get in touch! 

Amandine S'iita 

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Amandine S'iita

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What people say...

Frederic Mirre, France 

"I can only recommend Amandine’s services as an energy healing specialist.
This healing work was more than beneficial to me. She helped me to align my chakras and balance my energy and clear and remove blockages in my life. I appreciate the fact that she explained to me the healing work step by step and reassured me during the process. She won’t only do the healing work on you but also ask you to do an introspection work before the session, and once the healing work is done, give you a very detailed documentations with a summary of the results which allows you to meditate on it and have a long-term vision on what must be undertaken depending on your goals and life purpose. I am feeling at peace, serene again! A wonderful experience. Thank you for everything."

Donovan Pillay, US 

“You're one of the best inspirational teachers I've come across. Thank you for your dedication and perseverance. You stand for what you believe in and that's something I will always look up to! ”

Siggi Busha, US

“I am both humbled and grateful with your meaningful connection. Most assuredly, you lead with the head and warm with the heart. Never underestimate the power of your example, Amandine, and the extraordinary gifting on your life. Continue to inspire, impart, impact and influence because your voice truly matters.”

Joshua Mwamba, Zambia

“I am feeling different about myself, I am happy, confident, no more looking down, my mentality and my expectations have changed... And this happening because of you, Coach. Thank you"

Sylvester Lafayette, US

“I feel that your mind is more important to the world than you know. I believe you have that mind, spirit, with pure heart, even without fully knowing you! You are a rare human and the world needs you ! ”

Steven Morgan, Uganda

"Thank you for posting these positive messages...They are really meaningful and make a great impact in our lives.”

Donnell Turner, US

“Your articles are indicative of your wisdom, knowledge and understanding; you are filled with energy, empathy and emotional intelligence. Your commitment and dedication to the preservation, growth and development of your people is remarkable. You are truly amazing young sister!
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