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30 Lessons I’ve Learned Over 30 Years

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

I want to share with you what I’ve learned over the past few years, it might save you precious time...

Put God First in everything you do. Stay connected to the source. Remember that you were born to consult God. Pray, meditate, and stay connected with your Higher Self.

The most important pursuit in life is Self-Knowledge. Because once you know who you are, what is your values and potential, you become unstoppable…. Unplug from who you were so you can create who you’re going to be!

It’s our duty to manifest our gift and serve the world. You are on this planet at this particular time for a reason. You were created to live a life with meaning and purpose. By not doing it, you are causing the world a disservice. A failure to fulfill your purpose. Your gift will make room for you. Make yourself valuable by investing in your own gift and become so damn good that the world can’t ignore you.

Unlearn and Relearn: We live in a society that lies, manipulates, and conditions us to dream small, play small, and don’t think too much. The illusion of freedom. It’s time to take back our power and break free from this illusion: Unlearn the many lies we’ve been taught to believe and relearn the truth. We live in the Information Age. There’s no more excuse to educate yourself. We’ve got Google…. Knowledge is power only if you know the truth.

Don’t waste your time waking up every day and working when you no longer have a passion for it. Why people are going to a job where they are miserable day in and day out? If you don’t have a passion for what you do, what’s the purpose of waking up? You will never be fulfilled… You’re not on this planet to work in a place you hate, pay your bills and die…You are here because something that you need to do is still undone. Whatever you are destined to become God has prepared you with it, you just have to believe in yourself.

Don’t ever believe that a Politician is a Leader. Politicians are actually professional manipulators. Politicians are concerned about the next election, not the next generation. Never lowers your expectations, and never waive your rights, and your freedom because of mediocre leaders. If you can’t find true leaders. Become one!!

You cannot find happiness in this world without going through a spiritual journey. Experiencing spiritual awakening is an amazing way to enhance your well-being. It can be confusing and challenging at first, but it will help you to live a life full of true abundance, prosperity, and happiness. See beyond the illusions and conventional fabric of society.

Stop confusing Religion and Spirituality. Religion is created by humans. Spirituality is simply a way of life. Follow the principles of moral living that were given by the Highest of creation.

A relationship will make you or break you. Choose wisely.

Stop looking at dating that’s just dating. Don’t waste your time getting in a relationship without asking for divine confirmation. God already has someone for you. The one who’s going to respect you, honor you, and protect you.

You have the right to set boundaries and limit your exposure to toxic people. Don’t let negative people impact your thoughts, and feelings, and affects your attitude. Why? Because focusing too much of your time on your negative friend’s or co-worker’s problems will affect your own positive journey through life. Your mind is a magnet: If you think of problems and negativity, you will attract more problems and negativity.

Clean up your Social Media. Don’t subject yourself every single day to negativity, offensive, and unnecessary content. We already have enough content that only has the aim to distort our minds. Chose to follow people that motivate and inspire you.

Being an intuitive Empath is a gift. An empath possesses healing energy. We have the ability to sense the feelings and energy of other people and our surroundings. As a result, we like to help people in order to make those around us happy and therefore be able to feel that happiness ourselves.

Getting into a relationship before you’re emotionally and mentally prepared reduces the chances it will work out. If your relationship is not working, you are part of this equation. If you are a broken person; if you don’t love yourself or don’t respect yourself, that’s what you bring into your relationship. Whatever you are that’s what you create. So it’s very important to bring the best to the relationship. You have to become the best version of yourself in order to bring the best contribution to your relationship.

Travel expands the mind: You learn about what you’ve never known...Learn to appreciate simple things, and live a life with compassion for others...Learn to be grateful, and automatically change your perspective on life. But most importantly, you learn how to be yourself. You will never be the same again!

You need to be okay with being alone. Your happiness, focus, and hunger for life can’t depend on somebody else. Your happiness is a choice and a relationship isn’t going to “fix” you.

Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy. Every time people have sex, they transfer their energy to each other. People who have many different partners simply waste their energy resources and collect lots of negativity. You have to watch yourself and protect your energy.

The gratitude changes your perspective and provides the capacity to have the patience needed to see that great blessing all the way through. Say thank you every day for what you already have! Choose to be happy no matter what others are doing.

Protect your energy around negative people. Whenever you are with someone, notice how you feel. Notice if you feel guarded, anxious, and disturbed. That’s a sign that maybe you shouldn’t spend much time with them.

Be aware of the system and how it works to avoid being an addict to those desires that make you unhappy. It is really important to unfollow or stop to create some unnecessary desire that will make you unhappy and miserable long term. Industry manipulate people’s mind, so it’s important to identify those ads unnecessarily.

Never forget that you are the author of your life story. Don’t let anyone write the story for you. If so, it’s time to rewrite the story.

Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from doing what you know it’s right for you. Those people can be family, friends, teachers, and social media. Everybody’s acceptance is not a blessing.

Spread kindness, Spread love, Be generous. Helping others is the way we help ourselves. The feeling is indescribable.

Visualize the person you want to be, then act like it!

Use the weekend to build the life you want not to escape the life you have!

Think beyond your Job. You cannot put your hope in your job. It's time to change your career into your call.

Search for knowledge. The more you know the more you grow. And remember, if you want to know the truth, start with questioning everything.

The Best project you will ever work on is YOU.

Redefine yourself every day if necessary until you find your Authentic Self!

Your future is not ahead of you, it’s trapped within you. Write down your vision. Write a letter to yourself about your vision statement in 5, 10 years from now you might surprise yourself !!!

Amandine S'iita

Inspirational Writer

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