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Japanese way of “Finding purpose”

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Inspired by Show Nemoto

1. TENMEI — The Path that is given by God

This path is your own unique path that is given by God. It is a promise that you make to God before coming on earth.

Tenmei means given by God. It is a core part of who you are before receiving an education and conditioning from society. It’s something that is already within you from the beginning: your God-given gift !

This life path is teaching us to pay attention to our God-given gift and use it to serve the world, to honor ourselves, and honor our promise to God.

2. SHUKUMEI— The Path that your Spirit has

Shukumei means the life that exists within you. It’s basically the things that you’re given however are unable to change. Such as your skin color, your parents, the environment that you were raised in.

This life path is teaching us how to overcome our past experiences that shaped our limiting beliefs; our trauma, and go beyond.

This life path will help you to heal from generational pain that was carried from your ancestors, your childhood, or your past life !

It will help you to heal, learn and grow.

It will help you to remember who you truly are, and the reason WHY you came on this earth.

It will help you remember the promise you had made to God.

3. UNMEI— The Path of Love and Creation

Unmei means Destiny.

The first two paths Tenmei and Shukumei are paths that you cannot change ! You have to embrace, and learn from it ! However, destiny can be changed by your will, your daily actions and decisions.

The most important wisdom from this path is that “your destiny is not your destination, it is the journey itself.”

And most of the time we think that destiny is somewhere that we’re destined to be... But in reality destiny is the walk through our journey. Our destiny is constantly changing by the choices that we make, and the actions that we take!

The power of Unmei is held within these small choices on a daily basis. So this life path is teaching us to be conscious of the choice we make and aware of the impact of these choices in our life.

You have to understand the “WHY” you are making these choices:

  • Does this choice help me to be a better person ?

  • Does this choice help me to enjoy my life and to be happy ?

  • Does this choice help me to love myself and the people around me?

  • Or do I take these decisions because I am afraid, insecure, lazy etc…

These choices we’re making are shaping our destiny. Be aware of the POWER of your small choices on a daily basis.

4. SHIMEI— The Path that you have to challenge yourself to accomplish

Shimei means your mission, your purpose! This path is teaching us that every single one of us comes on earth to learn, heal and pay forward.

Our mission is to become the life that serves: contributing to other people’s happiness.

Our purpose is to give meaning to our life. Once we discover our purpose we automatically find our potential. Once we find our potential we become unstoppable. But, most of people often struggle in this life path because of fear, the conditioning of society, work, the lack of money…And these struggle make people losing their motivation to pursue this path.

So the most important lesson of this path is: Challenge ! It’s to find out how we can challenge the impossibilities and the obstacles to actually fulfill our mission and purpose. Find the solution to change our current situation that will help us to fulfil our purpose.

This path of life is challenging, but it is the path of freedom. So the real question is…

Are you willing to go on that path ?


Watch the full video of Japanese way of “Finding purpose” by Show Nemoto here:


Amandine S’iita

Inspirational Writer

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