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Life is an Unexpected Journey — Let the Universe Surprise You.

Life, in its infinite wisdom, has a way of unfolding in ways we could never anticipate.

Today, as I revisited my journal entries from March 2021, I found myself transported to a time when I was consumed with worry about the future and the unknown. Back then, I couldn’t comprehend why, after four fulfilling years in Canada, I was headed back to France without a clear path ahead. Little did I realize that since then, I would have lived on four different continents and explored over ten countries. I never could have imagined ending up here in Bali. Actually, if someone had told me three years ago that I would be living my best life in Southeast Asia, I would have laughed and not believed them. But that's the beauty of life's unknowns and mysteries.

It’s amazing how life unfolds when you allow the Universe to guide you.

Life, in its infinite wisdom, has a way of unfolding in ways we could never anticipate. When we relinquish our need for control and surrender to the flow of life, we open ourselves up to endless possibilities and opportunities for growth.

In hindsight, I realize that every moment of uncertainty, every period of transition, has been a stepping stone on my journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment. Each experience, whether joyful or challenging, has shaped me into the person I am today.

So, as I reflect on my journey thus far, I am filled with gratitude for the beauty of life’s unpredictability. I am reminded that when we trust in the universe and allow ourselves to be guided by its wisdom, we are led to places beyond our wildest dreams. Life is indeed a beautiful thing when we surrender to the magic of the unknown and let the universe be our compass.


That’s why, I want to share with you today the importance of journaling your thoughts.

The ability to reread my own thoughts in journals from three years ago, unaware of the surprises life had in store for me, is truly incomparable. Feeling grateful to witness my own evolution through my own eyes is a beautiful thing to experience.

Life on Earth is truly an amazing journey. Sometimes, we find ourselves navigating through experiences without knowing what lies ahead.

If the universe were to reveal our future lives on a screen, we would likely relax and trust the process, letting the universe guide us.

This realization dawned on me through the simple act of keeping track of my thoughts and journey in my journal.

That’s why it’s crucial to take the time to journal and document your thoughts. You’ll be surprised by the insights and revelations that come from reflecting on your past experiences.

Trust me, life is an unexpected journey. Release the need for control and surrender to the flow of the universe.

Trust in the process, knowing that each twist and turn is shaping you into the person you are destined to become…


Amandine S’iita

Intuitive Coach & Holistic Healer

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