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How to Express Yourself, Embrace your Passions, and Manifest your Gift?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Be authentic and live in alignment with who you came here to become.

Living a life of purpose and meaning is truly essential for overall well-being, happiness, and success. Learning how to express yourself and embrace your passions will lead you to manifest your gifts, reveal your true self, and love your career, your environment, and every aspect of your Life.

Childhood Influences

Understand how conditioning impact and plays a vital role in your life and finding your purpose. How is driven you to have specific roles in your reality that might not be aligned with your purpose, your meaning, and what you truly want to create in your path? Once you become aware of the influence of this conditioning in your life, you can shift it and make a big difference in your life.

For instance, if you have been raised in a family that always worked the 9–5, they still were unhappy and complaining about their job. What do you do now? You have a job, you come home you complain about your job, and you aren’t looking for other solutions because you’ve been conditioned; that’s what life is.

In the same way, if you had a family that had entrepreneurs all over them and all they did was create, create, create what does that mean for a lot of people, and that grew up in that environment is that they will be entrepreneurs. Because it is a conditioned response even at a deeper level, conditioning can play a large role in your life.

If you don’t understand your foundation, you can’t understand where you’re going.

For instance, some people who cohabitate for 10 years and have a great relationship once they get married; get divorced in six months. How did they go from a great relationship to marriage to divorce in six months? Well, part of it is because they understand the conditioning of marriage because of what they’ve seen growing up and in their development. They get to that point, and it creates chaos; it creates something negative, it creates negative conditioning.

It’s about who influenced us and what belief systems we develop because of the experiences we had, and the people we had in our life. And then, how did that influence the way we view the world and the way we view our purpose?

And so whatever worldview you have based on your past is going to play a HUGE role in how you see yourself going into your future and living out your purpose. And it definitely is going to influence what you believe that your purpose is. Everyone will just kind of play out the roles of what we’re taught and what we learn and pick up from our environment as we grow up.

Just because you’re good at something does that mean that’s your purpose?

Many skills in your life and some of them are actually very very good at it but they don’t drive you, they don’t have that empowering force.

You’re good at it because you’ve been forced to kind of do it for a long time whether it’s because of a job, whether it’s because you grew up in a family that pushed you so that just comes very natural to you but does not mean that you feel fulfilled with it.

So again having a talent and having a skill does not mean that is your purpose BUT if you understand your talent or skills it might help you develop a strong foundation and truly understand what your purpose is and what your path is because you’re right now on purpose as you are growing and developing.

What are some things that you’re drawn to?

What are some things that you keep coming back to that draw your attention?

Maybe you’d like to read about it.

Maybe you like to listen to things about it.

Maybe you’d like to talk conversations about it.

You know what are some things that just call you that are naturally there that if you can do all the time you would do all the time you could talk about it all the time you talk about it all the time. So what are some things that bring you in?

What are some things that make you unique?

We all have something unique even though at our core we’re all very similar to people because as human beings, we have our core needs. But some things make us very unique.

So what are some of those things and reflect on them right as much as you can? Because as you write, these things are down to your skills. They say you’re naturally good at things that make you unique skills that you’ve learned that have been more useful than you thought.

You’d be surprised that a lot of people struggle to really identify not only what talents and skills they have but how they could use them. And sometimes some of the people even have talents that they have no idea that is a talents at all.

So, for instance, my background is in Business Administration, and I hadn’t even intended to go into business, but that’s where I came from, and I would never have been able to see that that skill would have served me so well as an entrepreneur. So sometimes skills can lead you down the path to being where you need to be and have a skill that you need in order to fulfill your purpose even if it wasn’t something more like a talent.

So there are a lot of powerful reasons to use your natural talent because it’s going to be easier for you it’s going to have more momentum it’s going to flow better things are going to fall into place.

So capitalize on your talents and skills and use your gifts to make a difference. Give you the key that will unlock your life’s purpose and give you the strength to empower yourself to become successful.

Amandine S'iita

Inspirational Writer

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