Be Yourself. That’s Where Leadership Begins

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Crisis manifests true Leadership abilities

Test comes to give credibility to your Life: Accept your test as part of becoming a successful person. Adversity can be used to benefit the one under adversity. It is the test that creates credibility; It is the test that creates trust. Test never comes to end your life; test comes to give credibility to your life.

Crisis demands a new way of thinking. You have to learn new skills or relearn things. Most of the time we are not creative until something bad happens to us. When things fall apart it makes us think outside of the box.

When things are adverse, when things are in crisis don’t panic. Use them! Use them for a positive result. Everything that happens to you could be used to produce something good.

Crisis produces growth: Manifests and expresses if you are a true leader.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is the capacity to influence others through INSPIRATION generated by a PASSION motivated by a VISION birth by a conviction produced by a PURPOSE — Dr. Myles Munroe

  • True leadership is not about control it’s about service

  • True leadership is not about power it’s about empowerment

  • True leadership is not about manipulation it’s about inspiration

  • True leadership is not about people it’s about purpose

  • True leadership is not about becoming it’s about doing

  • True leadership is not a pursuit of power, position, titles, or authority; leadership is a result of self-discovery.

Our culture has done an excellent job in canceling who you are.

True leadership is self-discovery. You will never become a true leader until you meet your True Self - Dr. Myles Munroe


There are 5 questions that everybody must answer to discover their True Self:

  • Who am I? Not what you do… How do you identify yourself ? Your True Self?

  • Where I am from? What is your source? You have to know your history, then you would know where you coming from.

  • Why am I here? What’s my gift? What’s my purpose in life? You were created to live alive with meaning and purpose, you are not a mistake, and matter of fact until you discover your personal reason for living you will never be fulfilled.

  • What can I do? What is my true ability? My true potential? If you don’t what is capable of, it’s because you have accepted other people’s opinions of your ability, you have allowed uncultured people, and society tells you what you can and cannot do.

  • Where am I going? Where would you be in the next 5 years, what do you see for the next 10 years of your life. What do you see in your life as your future destiny? What’s your hope to become… Or are you simply waiting for the next paycheck?

You came to this planet because something that you need to do is still undone. You were created to live alive with meaning and purpose, you are not a mistake. And matter of fact, until you discover your personal reason for living you will never be fulfilled — Dr. Myles Munroe

Understand that they have successfully convinced you that you are useless in order to use you to do what they want you do to. Therefore you obey them because you don’t know who you are and who you are meant to be. Once you discover who you are, you become unstoppable! You become free from them, from the cultures, from the societies.

Leaders are difficult to control, they just don’t line up because they are too busy standing out, they ain’t time to fit in. Leaders are usually angry people. When you say “ I have enough” that’s a moment a leader is born. True leadership is born when your gift is discovered. Whatever you were created to become you possess it now. Believe in yourself and manifest your gift.


The purpose for true leadership is not to maintain followers but produce leaders

Leadership is not a pursuit of power, position, titles or authority; leadership is a result of self-discovery, self-manifestation: Be yourself, that’s where leadership begins.

True leadership are just real people, they are AUTHENTIC. They don’t seek followers, followers are attracts by true leaders… Not attract by the person but by the gift of the person. Manifest your gift and become so damn good that the world can’t ignore you.

Your attitude arises from fundamental beliefs and convictions. You have to discover your beliefs about yourself. What are my convictions? What is my opinion of my own life? Remember, If you don’t have an opinion of yourself someone will give you one.

You must know yourself: Your ability to lead depends on the attitude produced by your self-image, by your self-worth and self-esteem:“I know my value, I know my worth, I know who I am and I know the world needs me! ”


Kind of leadership that are destroying our world

90% people that we call “leaders” are not true leaders.

The problem is : If you don’t know what something looks like, you can’t tell it when you see it. If you don’t know what a leader suppose to be or look like you can never identify one when you saw it. Your definition and concept of leadership is part of the problem of why we can’t not find true leadership, we find power-hungry people.

People that will call leaders are actually professional manipulators, they wield power, they threaten people and force people, they have the power to shift your emotions.

Our political culture does not lend itself to produce true leaders. Our culture produce dealmakers: It means that you are compromise your principles to please some people.

Politicians are concerned about the next election. Leaders are concerned about the next generation. Never lowers your expectations, never waive your rights, and your freedom because of the mediocre leaders.

We need the emergence of leadership that can see beyond their personal pockets and capture a God-inspired vision of the nation that incorporates the aspirations of the people and their right to pursue their dreams and visions. Leadership is not about your ambition it’s about the people.

If you can’t find true leaders. Become one!!


This article is inspired by Discovering your Personal Leadership — Keys to Becoming a Leader — Dr. Myles Munroe

“I was born to inspire and draw out the hidden leader in every human being I meet. When you are around me, suddenly, you are going to feel good about yourself. If you stay around me long enough, you’ll start being your true self. Why? I was born for that.” Dr. Myles Munroe


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