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You Must Arm You with Knowledge & Truth

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

2021 is a Spiritual war. You’re going to need a THIRD EYE to understand this year.

It’s a Wake-up Call. It’s Time to see Beyond your Eyes.

We are experiencing the biggest collective awakening ever seen in the history of mankind. This crisis is forcing yourself to focus on what really matters, focus on finding the Truth. God is exposing the darkness of this sick world in public eyes, but some of you refuse to accept the truth.

Recognize the “Big Lie” from our Societies

It’s time to take back our power and escape the mental prison we have been encouraged to build since our childhood. We have been manipulated by a society that trained and brainwashed us to limit ourselves.

They intentionally miseducate and misinform us to keep the “Big Lie”. It is a necessity to seek the truth and free yourself. Once you will walk into the light of freedom, accept the truth, and stop acting a role, you will stop wasting your time.

The decisions we make today, individually and collectively, will determine whether the planet goes to hell or goes to Heaven. One thing, however, is sure: we are the transitional generation. The critical choices lie in our hands.

Future generations will know who we were. They will think of us often. They will curse us, or they will bless us.

It’s time to change your career into a call. It’s time to live a life with meaning and purpose. You can keep being miserable day in and day out, or you can decide to find out what is the real meaning of your life. The choice is yours!

It’s going to take courage to decide to do something differently, but it’s up to you to choose what your lives will be.

"You were born to solve a problem on earth. You are a solution. You are the answer to a question God knew would be raised in your generation. You are an assignment that your generation needs to experience" — Dr. Myles Munroe

Refuse the negative energy, and unplug from who you were so you can create who you’re going to be.

Crisis Creates Opportunities.

Everything that happens to you could be used to produce something good. Crisis makes you develop and think in new ways. Crisis demands new thinking patterns. Most of the time we are not creative until something bad happens to us. When things fall apart it makes us think outside of the box.

This crisis is an opportunity to manifest your gift and explore your true path, as you uncover your deepest callings to live your greater purpose in life. It gives you the opportunity to maximize your true potential.

In other words, crisis produces growth. It makes you develop a new approach to life. Sometimes you need to get outside of your comfort zone to grow and improve your life. My greatest advice to you is to keep looking for your true self until you don’t need to fake in any situation, with anyone around you. Once you will express yourself you will understand the freedom of living a life of purpose.

Keep elevating yourself, keep empowering yourself. Meditation disciplines the mind. Spiritual practice supports the development of personal power. Have daily meditation practice and remember, as Dr. Munroe said, you were born to consult God to find out His purpose for your life so that you can discover your vision. God is not only the Author of your vision but also your continuing support as you progress toward its fulfillment.

"May your vision make a difference in this generation and impact those who are not yet born. You are responsible for how people remember you… If we can make the next generation better than ourselves, then we’ve done our jobs" — Kobe Bryant

I pray that God guides you along your journey. God set me free and it is my mission to challenge people to seek the truth. We need you, you have within you the strength to change the world. Love

Amandine S’iita

Inspirational Writer

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