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A Restoration of the Visionary Spirit is Imperative

Africa has lots of growth potential but the impact of oppression, unemployment, lack of opportunities and poverty has been devastating for African youth. They have experienced the loss of self-worth, self-esteem, and a strong sense of indignation due to years of miseducation, colonialism, and bad leadership. Many have no sense of purpose, hope, vision, or future, and they struggle daily to make life work. 


These young people represent the largest percentage of the population all over Africa. It is our duty to guide these young people, support their ambitions and dreams, challenge them to maximize their potential, develop their skills, and participate in the development of their nations. 

We need the emergence of leadership that can see beyond their personal pockets and capture a God-inspired vision that incorporates the aspirations of the people and their right to pursue their dreams, maximize their potential, and manifest their God-given gift.


We need a new breed of young leaders who can make a difference in this generation and transform the continent

In order to progress much further on this venture, I am open to welcoming funding and support for programs, partnership opportunities.

Skills Development

Leadership Attitude     Growth Mindset     Entrepreneurship Spirit     Self-Development 

Awareness   Self-Knowledge    Visionary    Self-Empowerment   Mindfulness   Self-Love 

 Self-Education    Black-Knowledge      Self-Identity        Motivation     Positive Thinking  

Critical Thinking     Emotional Intelligence     Honesty    Integrity     Self-Respect 
Self-Esteem & Confidence     Empathy Interpersonal Positive Attitude  Active-Listening

Decision-Making    Problem-Solving    Financial     Self-Discipline     Work-Ethic

Youth Programs


Self Knowledge Restoration 


Let’s break the cycle of miseducation and undo the toxic thinking that has come along with colonization, oppression and racism. Self-knowledge is the key to freeing yourself from mental slavery, and reach your full potential. Know your story. Know the truth. Know ThySelf! 


Everything starts with your mindset.


What will determine whether you will be successful or not is your mindset. Your actions follow your thoughts, your beliefs and ideas. You must reprogram your mind to success. Give yourself permission to become successful. Change your habits, change your attitude, change your life. 


Self-Love  Self-Esteem Self-Confidence

In order to love Africa, we must learn to love ourselves. Without self-love, without self-esteem everyone loses his or her sense of meaning, purpose, and power.  For too long, African people have been unable to openly and honestly address the crisis of self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and how it affects how they perceive themselves and are perceived by others. 


Manifest your God-given gift 

You were created to live a life with meaning and purpose. Education in itself doesn’t guarantee anything; it is your gift that is the key to your success. The gift is not something we learn. It is something God gave us. You were designed to be known for your gift. Manifest your gift and serve the world. 


Maximize your Potential. 

Your purpose is the most important thing for you to discover, because once you find your purpose you automatically find your potential. Potential is untapped power, unleashed talent within you. Potential is who you are but no one knows it yet. Once you find your potential you become unstoppable. Believe in yourself and unlock your potential within you. 


Make a Difference in this Generation


Leadership potential resides in every individual. But our societies trained us to limit ourselves never become True Leaders. African governments are challenged by a lack of poor work-ethic, a culture of corruption, and non-respect of human rights.


We need a new breed of young leaders, "Changemakers" who can make a difference and transform the continent. We need the emergence of leadership that can exercise visionary leadership that inspires confidence and trust among the people. A restoration of the visionary spirit is imperative.


Believe in Yourself

In order to succeed and fulfill your purpose, you must have a vision. Develop a vision. Your vision awaits your action. Where there is no vision, there is no hope. It's time to rewrite the narrative and impact those who are not yet born.


 Promote an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Today, entrepreneurship is seen as one of the most sustainable job generation tools in Africa. Youth need to be educated, inspired and motivated to take risks to venture into the world of entrepreneurship to create job opportunities in the local and global economies. Encouraging entrepreneurship is of vital importance.  


Africa has the potential to become the most entrepreneurial, forward-thinking continent in the world. Africa’s future will be driven by academically gifted and entrepreneurial young people empowered to lead. 


Promote Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is vital for African youth. Africa’s education systems are low on exposure to financial literacy education and entrepreneurship education. 


Empowering youth to take control of their own financial situation is key. The youth need to understand money; how to obtain it, use it, grow it and live off it to reduce poverty and avoid business failures. 


We need to equip youth with the skills and technical know-how require to become successful entrepreneurs. 


Never Stop Learning 

Self-education is the keys to success. Never stop learning. You have to be a proactive learner. You need to work on sharpening your skillsets. Increase your knowledge and keep taking action. Investing in your mind is the best investment you can make.


Invest in your Future Self. 

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