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You’re selecting a person to be in a relationship with, you should be trying to select a partner and not a mate. You should not be trying to find a soulmate or trying to find someone to “complete you” and following those kinds of illusory ideals.

Again, because the soul cannot be completed, in other words, fulfilled through the activities or existence of mortal, ephemeral bodies, what you’re really searching for is the satisfaction of knowing yourself, of knowing the truth of your existence, which can be helped by relationships but not derived from them.

A relationship can work to help that process along if it is carried out in a correct way such that it helps a person learn about themselves and their spiritual nature.

So, among the important aspects to be looking for in another person, the most important one is ethical conscience, and that is the most important because that is going to be a framework for your experiences with that person throughout the relationship period and during that time the experiences serve to enlighten or help produce more entanglements and delusions.

If handled properly, with the appropriate partner, experiences with that other person, in areas such as, in raising a child or your finances or your sexual life or different aspects of your relationship that you engage in may allow you to discover things about yourself that otherwise would not be possible if you lived alone or not in such a relationship.

On the other hand, a negative relationship can produce negative experiences and produce ignorance that would not otherwise be experienced.

If you’re going into a partnership in a business, you don’t want to go into partnership with people who are unethical, people who are going to steal from you, such as liars, thieves, embezzlers and so on. In the same way, you want to find someone who is ethically conscious, someone who’s aware of the Maatian ideals and who agrees with them and is trying to live them.

That person who has a common life purpose, to attain enlightenment, that is the highest purpose and the ideal of life.

Another aspect is spirituality. Maat philosophy has a secular component and a spiritual component. If the spiritual aspect is relevant for you then it relates to Ancient Egyptian religion. The person who is following a compatible spiritual path is, therefore, more ideal.

A compatible spiritual path means if you are following the Kemetic religious path and the other person is following Christianity, you’re eventually going to have problems with that person over religion. So, it’s not recommended that you should enter into a relationship with such a person.

On the other hand, if you’re partnering with a person who, say, follows Buddhism or Hinduism, we have talked about the factor that those religions have more philosophical and ethical compatibilities and there is, therefore, more possibility for harmonious and perhaps even complementary interactions. Or if you find another person following Native American, or African religion and not Africanized Western religion but authentic African religion, you’ll find more compatibility there as well.

You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble, a lot of sorrow…

You should be looking for someone who can provide companionship and understanding; Understanding of your spiritual path, understanding of your needs and vice versa.

Again, not to say that everything can be satisfied by the other person but you want at least someone who has understanding of the spiritual practices and their requirements, someone you can have discussions with, like say if you have kids, if you want to meditate, the other person understands and they’ll take the kids while you’re meditating and you can take them while they’re meditating, things like that.

The righteous and non-egoistic utilitarian aspects of relationships are helpful also. It is beneficial to have a person to have a dialogue on the philosophy and share spiritual insights that lead to peace, understanding and spiritual independence instead of getting into a relationship to support codependent psychological weaknesses and spiritual ignorance.

~This article is an extract of the collection of The Guide to Kemetic Relationships by Dr. Muata Ashby.

I highly recommend this book. This book is very helpful for understanding some hidden truths that affects peoples humans existence and what matters to the soul.

Amandine S’iita

Inspirational Writer

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