From Kings to Slaves and Statistics

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Inspired by MAAT — The Guiding Principles of Moral Living

How did we get to this point? Who do we truly have to blame?

Don’t be afraid to call injustice, injustice. All Whites are not rotten any more than all Blacks are good. But those Whites in power have historically been predatory in the interests of White supremacy. They are part of a system.

Be honest about what people do, call them up on it. Hold people accountable for what they do to us, for what they have done to us, as individuals and as a people. Don’t get blinded, side tracked with the illusions they use to mask violence, death, and destruction. History is their lie agreed upon.

They wrote the books, made the movies, printed the posters, set up the schools, designed the curricula, hired the teachers, etc. So, mainstream African history has been reduced to little more than telling of Black stone-age tribes, bushmen, hunter-gatherers, what their anthropologists call “primitives” still at the edge of civilization-and even then they make up stories, not based on accurate historical evidence.

Then they argue with big words that they are accurately telling of our origins, of our growth and development.

They study our history and tell it through their historical lenses. There is nothing accidental about this. They certainly understand in practice that by controlling the narrative, controlling people’s minds, they can control their actions.

By telling us that we contributed nothing of substance to history is not foolish on their part, but STRATEGIC. It is foolish on our part for not doing our work, becoming scientists for good, not researching, not preparing. For not writing our books.

Anyone harming us cannot be our friend. They have not proven themselves worthy of engaging us in equitable exchange reciprocity.

Their aim is to get what they can get at all costs. History has shown this. The lives of the billions of Africans and an entire Western Hemisphere wiped out; Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania nearly completely exterminated of original populations; Southwest Asia and India populated by enslaved Africans herded like beasts in chained caravans. In the process, the past 700 years has seen massive seizure and accumulation of millions of square miles of land and untold natural resources. We cannot and should not trust them.

Those who harmed us brought death and destruction every time. Various forms changed, but ultimately the same end: death. No matter how it was/is veiled. The outcome is the same: DEATH.

We look to find ourselves in everyone else’s culture but our own.

It is written that “one should Know Self, first!” This is essential to know others who are attempting to know you.

We must know where we went wrong in history. We must study history, but not in the same way that we have been doing it. Conventionally, we look at the so-called facts written/documented in the books/records of the destroyers and accept their interpretations. We must write our own books, rewrite history, seize control of our education and learning.

Many a Black person has taken the bribe and accepted a salary for silence or uncritical criticism. In fact, the entire salaried Black intelligentsia is on the payroll of state oppression. They have no independent thoughts.

As Dr. Amos Wilson says “It is a shame that we let people who are less than five percent of the globe determine the economic destiny of the globe. It is a shame that a bunch of Black men who call themselves men would let another bunch of white men determine their economic destiny.”

We don’t have time to convince people what is wrong with this reality; people who feel so strongly (in principle and action) that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with living their entire lives serving, nurse-maiding, coddling, and groveling to anyone that has harmed us working sun up to sun down building others civilization having their names, wearing their clothes, everything for them and nothing of substance for Africans, being kidnapped on stolen land in a country that belongs to another-a country that was living their serving, them and violently stolen developed largely on the backs and with the lives of innocent African women, men, and children.

We don’t judge people for their decision to continue in this mess; however we resolve within ourselves that we cannot be in it and that we cannot surround ourselves with the same filth that defines their existence. When people make the decision (through their actions) to passionately go in this direction, just let them go.

Individualism and selfishness are effects rather and than causes. Many find success in “everyone for her/himself” brown-nosing activity. Teams win, however, not individuals. Clearly 100’s of millions of Africans have lost because this elementary fact has not been fully understood and operationalized. But, it is clear that we must live for more than ourselves; we must fight for the innocent. So many of our ancestors where stolen from their families, enslaved, murdered, raped, and worked to death.

Don’t put off the next generation of our responsibilities. We must prepare and do what we can, give our best. It will then be their job to take it further.

We must create a new African society and unearth and reconstruct ancient African civilization and culture. We must liberate ourselves.

Our goals are collective and achievable only if we are united, only if we are working together toward our common good.

Know who you can work with and who you cannot. Study the nature of people and discern the driving force behind them. Discern enemies from friends.


This article is an extract of the collection of written by Ife Kilimanjaro, Ph.D. Tdka Kilimanjaro, Ph.D. Yahra Aaneb, Sba, T’Gamba Heru, Elder.


The guiding principles that appear in this book offer guidance to those seeking to live with greater purpose in life.

Some may be recited daily, while others may be referenced as needed. Daily recitation, contemplation, and meditation heal and strengthen one’s heart, while disciplining her/his mind and practices.

Those seeking to deepen their study and practice may meditate on one or more and/or take time to reflect upon them and write in a journal.

A great masterpiece which touches deeply on the Principles of Moral living.A must read for anyone who is looking for a well researched accurate of account of the birth and progression of civilization. Maat: Guiding Principles contains the oldest text from the Nile Valley written about high moral living and also beautifully translates these text to be understood by one and all in today’s time.

MAAT - The Principles of Moral Living.

University of Kmt Press - Pan-Africanism Publishing Cooperative


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